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PHP Подскажите как исключить еще одно значение из preg_match_all.
Вот мой: preg_match_all('#padding-left:30px;border:none;" valign=top>\s*<a href="(.*?[^445])" title="(.*?)">#is',$url_facultets,$li);
Надо помимо 445 исключить еще 450 подскажите как решить?

Кодеры-профессионалы отзовитесь! Как наложить картинку-ссылку на изображение в заданной области?
Т-е есть изображение размером 200x200, в его области, поверх надо наложить метку в виде маленькой картинки-ссылки, при помощи клика мышки!

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Sin Cara: American Horror Stories

Might as well start with the most recent addition to the list, the story of Louis Urive, better known in America as Sin Cara, but MUCH better known in Mexico as Mistico. How much better known? Well, who do you think is the most popular wrestler to be discovered in the 21st century? John Cena? Randy Orton? If you answered either of those, say “hi” to Mistico, without question, the biggest name in wrestling of the century so far.

Urive started his career as a luchadore in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2004, when he was repackaged with the new gimmick of “Mistico”, that he really took off. And, boy, did he take off? He was teamed with El Hijo del Santo, one of the most popular luchadores at the time (more on his father later), who would end all of their tag matches together by declaring that “Mistico is cool”. And you thought John Cena was rammed down our throats. Difference is, in Mexico, this shtick actually worked. Mistico went on to win a ton of awards including “Box Office Draw of the Year”, “High Flyer of the Year” and “Performer of the Year” at the Wrestling Observer Awards, and Pro-Wrestling Insider dubbed him the third best wrestler in the world in 2007.

Border Finland - Russia - Vainikkala (Gr) / поезд Москва - Хельсинки

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Designer puts luxury tag on 'made in India' label
Designer puts luxury tag on 'made in India' label She works with artisans across the country, from Kashmiri families who weave Saloni's wafer-thin cashmere and silk scarves to a women's knitting cooperative nestled in the Himalayas along the Indo-Tibetan border. Raised in a traditional family in the

Tag Team: Salmon Farm Foes Unite!
On the opening day of the trial last month, officers from the Canadian Border Services Agency showed up to inform Staniford he would be deported following the trial for over-staying his visa. The charge is accurate, and yet it was hard not to draw a

Sin Cara: American Horror Stories
Sin Cara: American Horror Stories All is not well for Sin Cara, by far the WWE's biggest ever signing from south of the border. Many fans of North American wrestling saw the hype, “MISTICO'S COMING!”, they saw the debut, “SIN CARA'S HERE!”, and they saw… little else. A move-botching

Holder Hearings: Rep. Buerkle to Holder, 'How Many More Border Patrol Agents ...
Her questions are important because she speaks for a district in New York, far removed from the border mayhem and violence connected to Fast and Furious. The fact her constituents are outraged goes a long way in describing how widespread the angst and

Cross-border threats from China and Pakistan fuelled India's fighter jet deal
NEW DELHI // India's purchase of 126 French-made fighter jets in a deal worth $US10.6 billion (Dh38.2bn) reflects its growing concern with cross-border threats from China and Pakistan as well western pressure to police Asia's contested sea lanes. The