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Доброго времени суток. Вообщем при воспроизведении флеш-игр вКонтакте, у меня вылетает флеш-плеер. Фото прилогается.
Собственно вот

Проблема меня сильно заинтересовала недавно, а так вылетал плеер давно. У меня было много систем. На линуксе не вылетает, но виснет флеш-игра. На семерке аналогично. Поставил ХП гейм едитион 2011 - вылетает. Позже ХП...

Помогите разобраться в Контакте!
Привет! В контакте изменился поиск видео, песен...
Нет поля куда вводишь название, а затем нажимашь поиск!
Может кто знает, как теперь искать песни и видео?

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Google Chrome remixes worth trying out

RockMelt Another intriguing spin of Chromium into a semi-commercial product is RockMelt , which tightly integrates social networking features -- specifically, Facebook -- into the browser's interface. Your affinity for this sort of thing will depend on how heavily you use those systems, and whether or not you care for the way RockMelt has integrated them. (I suspect privacy advocates are already cringing.)

When you first launch RockMelt, you're obliged to sign in to Facebook (hope you remember your password!), although you can run RockMelt without logging in. On connecting to Facebook, icons appear at the top edge of the browser to let you access your notifications, messages, and friend requests, while the right-hand edge becomes a persistent, expandable Facebook chat panel.

Install Adobe Flash Player / Установка флеш плеера для браузера

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Firefox 10 update hits Android Market, Flash still missing
Firefox 10 has just landed in the market and the update is available now thanks to Mozilla. Along with tons of improvements to overall stability and performance we have a faster and easier set up and sync, but Adobe's Flash Player is still missing. I

Apple releases Mac OS 10.7.3 with Safari 5.1.3
By Jason D. O'Grady | February 1, 2012, 8:05pm PST Summary: Apple has begun pushing Mac OS 10.7.3 out to users via Software Update. Here's what's changed and why you should care. Apple today released Mac OS 10.7.3 via Software Update. (Direct downloads

Mozilla Firefox 10: Download jetzt möglich - Update: Erste Tests
Mozilla Firefox 10: Download jetzt möglich - Update: Erste Tests Bisher bekannt aus dem Adobe Flash Player, kann eine Webseite den Vollbildmodus dem Nutzer nicht aufzwingen. Wer den Vollbildmodus nutzen möchte, muss diesen per Klick zunächst Aktivieren. Ebenfalls neu im Browser ist die Unterstützung von CSS3 3D

Google Chrome remixes worth trying out
These include things like user metrics (the sending of browsing stats back to Google), crash reporting, the built-in Flash player and PDF viewer, multimedia codecs (MP3, AAC), and the auto-updating system. Folks who lambast Google over privacy issues

New Flashback malware variant follows XProtect update
While MacDefender has been properly addressed and is no longer an issue, the latest cat-and-mouse game appears to be revolving around the recent Flashback malware that was found for OS X. Flashback is a Trojan horse that is distributed as a fake